'A Swirling Mass Of Information'

That was the quote from Bravo President Lauren Zalaznick about Bravo's 4-D model, where the network will literally surround the consumer with Bravo-branded virtual and experimental media -- ergo the "swirling mass of information." Huh.

From what I recall, the fourth dimension is related to Einstein's theories of special and general relativity and, in the general sense, the fourth dimension represents time. Now, if I apply the concept of time, the fourth dimension, and recall the first three as the spatial dimensions of length, width, and height (and forget the fifth possible spatial dimension) I am still left, with, well, not a clear understanding of what, or how, a swirling mass of information across all time and space will benefit the consumer.

Again, let's all take a step back and think about this for a second. All branded media, all the time, everywhere. No downtime. All up time. How realistic is that? And please, before there is any misinterpretation -- this is not about Bravo specifically. It is about the industry generally. Where is the balance? Where are the nuances of consumer compassion? How are we thinking about the long-term impact of surrounding the consumer with brand messaging, products and content within every aspect of their entertainment experience? Of their lives? Aren't we concerned about brand burn-out?



We need to start asking ourselves how to approach brand extensions, whether that is a program, a performer or a product, as a marathon rather than a sprint. The same concerns I had with 360-degree strategies of the last 10 years apply to anyone who seeks to create an environment where a consumer is at the center of a swirling mass of anything, Consumers didn't want to be surrounded by it 24x7 then -- and unless things have changed and I didn't notice, they aren't looking for it now. This is, after all, the "me" generation we are talking about, isn't it?

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