Out to Launch

Talking trout. Baseball ads. MTV takes on global warming. Let's launch!

Giro helmets launched a print campaign promoting its latest helmet called Ionos, which is short for the "ionosphere," one level above the atmosphere. I know, my eyes are glazed over, too. With all this talk about atmosphere, it's no surprise that the campaign's tag line is "Play with air." People are hang-gliding, riding in hot air balloons and parachuting from equipment in the form of one big Giro helmet. Click here, here and here to see the ads, running in Bicycling, Cycle Sport, Pro Cycling, Road, Road Bike Action, Velo News and Triathlete. Crispin Porter + Bogusky created the ads and media buying was handled in-house.



Nike Golf launched an adorable Father's Day ad last weekend that ran during the U.S. Open. "Great Expectations" opens in a Nike Golf factory where workers are making a set of miniature golf clubs for "Baby Woods." Once the set is tested, they are shipped to Tiger Woods, where he excitedly greets the package. Watch the ad here. And coincidentally, Woods' daughter was born the day after the U.S. Open. Awww. Wieden+Kennedy created the ad.

Budweiser had talking frogs, Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light have talking trout. Nature calls in "Trout." A man working in his office on the weekend receives a call from a fish that's been "biting all day." The spot ends with the workaholic and his friends fishing and drinking Labatt Blue. Watch the ad here.TAG at McCann Erickson New York created the ad and GRIP Media Canada handled the media buy.

Pepsi launched four versions of its Major League Baseball-themed ad starring Johnny Damon from the New York Yankees and Minnesota Twin's catcher Joe Mauer. The ad begins with a man watching a baseball game and Johnny Damon making a play for home. As Damon begins to slide, the fan pauses the game to refill his Pepsi. Here's where the ad changes. The dialogue between Damon and Mauer differs each time. Version one pits the two men arguing whether or not Mauer will catch the ball. In version two, Damon taunts Mauer by telling him his girlfriend is talking to another guy. Ending three features Damon discussing his culinary skills. But the final version is by far my favorite. Mauer asks Damon about his All-Star Vote standings, to which Damon replies, "I was doing better with long hair... and a beard." Finally, a jab on Steinbrenner. Click here, here, here and here to see the ads, created by BBDO New York.

The Philadelphia Phillies launched a three-spot TV campaign to fill those seats! Using the tag line "There's a little fan in all of us," creative shows players showing their inner fan. "Is that Me?" features Brett Myers and Shane Victorino hamming it up on the Jumbotron, much to the chagrin of manager Charlie Manuel, who wonders if the Kiss Cam is next on their list. Watch the ad here. Jamie Moyer stands in line for Chase Utley's John Hancock in "Autograph." As would I. Click here to watch. In "Old Days" an older gentleman reminisces about how fans acted back in the day, from keeping score to never booing. He's telling all this to the green Phillies Phanatic mascot. Watch the ad here.Bubble created the campaign and media buying was handled in-house.

MTV launched SWITCH on June 14, a global multimedia campaign against global warming. Targeting 15- to 25-year-old viewers, 35 PSAs, created pro bono by six agencies (Lowe New York, Cake, 180 LA, Ogilvy, Wieden + Kennedy 12 and Y+R) will run on all MTV channels and reach a potential 1.5 billion viewers. Here's a set of PSAs created by Lowe New York. "Francois" features a man leaving the water running while he shaves and brushes his teeth. Unbeknownst to him, his behavior is affecting the life of a polar bear. Click here to watch. "Marie" leaves appliances in her bathroom plugged in, causing unnecessary CO2 emissions and a penguin to starve in Antarctica. Watch the ad here. "Penguin" shows a polluted skyline and a guy throwing a Frisbee to a penguin, hitting him square in the nose. The spot ends with the copy: "Global warming: no fun for man, no party for penguin either." Click here to see the ad. A variety of trees become easily winded as they navigate throughout a busy city in "Trees." Watch the ad here.

BC Hydro launched a TV, print, outdoor, radio and outdoor campaign encouraging British Columbians to do their part in conserving energy. "Power of One" describes how one person can make a difference by featuring prominent British Columbians such as astronaut Marc Garneau and actor Chief Dan George. "Help lead the way to a better BC by conserving electricity," concludes the ad. Watch the ad here. "Teach," asks "what does it take to be a leader," as pictures of students interacting with teachers and coaches are presented. Click here to watch the ad. Both ads drive traffic to and conclude with a young boy turning off a light as he leaves a room. Click here to a one of the print ads. DDB Canada and Tribal DDB created the campaign and OMD Canada handled the media buy.

Patrón tequila placed an interesting neon ad atop the Lofts condominium located on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. The message on the billboard, like the brand's TV ads, debates perfection. This time around, it's rock star vs. movie star. "Some Perfection is Debatable," says part one of the ad. See it here. The second portion of the ad flashes an image of a Patrón tequila bottle, with the words "Some is Not." Click here to see it.The Richards Group created the ad.

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