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VEX leaves fruit sliced and diced. Be water-smart. IPhonemania. Let's launch!

EA Sports launched three TV spots starring Kevin Durant of the Texas Longhorns and Gilbert Arenas of the Washing Wizards promoting its NBA Live 08 game. In "Button," Arenas and Durant practice dribbling with their eyes closed. Arenas tells the rookie to repeat inspirational phrases, although the last line, "No man will stop me, except for Gilbert Arenas," causes Durant to break his rhythm. Watch the ad here. Durant practices dunking the ball in "Wait," while Arenas advises him as if he were maneuvering a video game controller. "Left stick, right stick..." Click here to watch. Durant shows off his "Go-To Move"s in the last spot, where he bypasses Arenas to make an easy lay-up. Watch the ad here.Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the ads.



VEX hard lemonade launched a fun online campaign that spoofs horror films (think "Saw," "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th") and draws attention to its killer new flavor, strawberry-orange-banana. The campaign includes three banner ads and a Web site,, complete with faux movie trailer. The promo begins with a group of fruits celebrating the end of summer at a relative's mansion, conveniently isolated deep in the woods. The strawberry and banana consider taking their relationship to the next level. Later that night, strange things occur and fruits become pureed, juiced and grated. My favorite line comes when a kiwi locates a fellow kiwi and says, "we gotta split," only to find that the kiwi has already been sliced and diced. The killer, naturally, is a VEX bottle, seen via silhouette. Three banner ads are equally funny, asking viewers, "When a killer comes will you run...when you don't have legs?" My personal favorite taps into pop culture: "More horrifying than Hostel. More chilling than Saw. More disturbing than Britney." The ads are running at,,, and See the ads here. GJP Advertising created the campaign and handled the media buy.

"It's a desert out there. Be water-smart," begins an ad for the Southern Nevada Water Authority. The 50s-style feel-good ad features people living throughout Southern Nevada doing their part in conserving water, whether it's covering their pool, turning off a sprinkler system, or showering with a friend. Watch the ad here.R&R Partners created the spot.

Oxygen launched a TV, print, outdoor and online campaign to promote the show "Bad Girls Road Trip." "Cop" shows a policeman standing beside his motorcycle when he hears a speeding car approaching. He aims his radar gun, and the "bad girls" fly past him, taking his pants as a souvenir. Watch the ad here. TV ads are running in Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, New York, Orlando and Pittsburgh markets, to name a few. Online ads can be found on, Gawker, Defamer, PerezHilton,, AOL, TMZ and Look for billboards in Los Angeles and New York. Click here to see an ad. Toy created the campaign and The Media Kitchen handled the media buy.

What began as an internal UGC contest sparked by iPhone fever has now been opened to the public. The in-house competition launched by interactive agency MindComet challenged employees to create videos with an iPhone theme. Interest was piqued and the agency launched, allowing contestants to upload a video that shows how useless their old phones will be, once the iPhone lands. The videos are definitely worth a watch. The creator of the funniest ad receives... drum roll please... an iPhone.

The Oregon State Beavers won the College Baseball World Series this week for the second straight year. Nike created a poetic print ad to congratulate the team's win against the UNC Tarheels. "You lead a caravan of believers 1,739 miles to watch you be one of eight. Then one of two, and finally end up in a dogpile on the infield of Rosenblatt. That's something. But to do it again the next year, that's something else," concludes the ad. See it here.Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the ad.

TD Banknorth launched its first branding campaign to promote its "hassle-free" product offerings, such as no ATM fees in select locations, longer hours and lower banking fees. "Hassle Free" depicts the time spent going to and from work, time that interferes with family life. Watch the ad here. "Longer Hours" shows that even though most people run late, extended bank hours are there to help. Click here to watch. Family members are collecting loose change around the house in "Lower Fees." The couch is always the most profitable place to look. Watch the ad here. "No ATM Fees" saves the average person $200 a year in charges. Click here to watch the ad. The campaign is running in New England and upstate New York. The VIA Group created the campaign and MediaCom handled the media buy.

Nautica has redesigned its Web site so users can "Navigate Life" online. The home page features a mosaic of Nautica's advertising creative in the shape of a world map. Consumers can view all of the company's products, from apparel and furnishings, to watches, fragrances and jeans. The site will eventually evolve into an e-commerce destination, but for now there's a store locator online. ID Society created the site.
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