Live, From Wall Street, It's... CBS

Is Lindsay Campbell the new Money Honey? The Wallstrip host is rumored to be the main reason CBS paid a reported $5 million to acquire the daily Web show with an irreverent take on Wall Street. If not the next Maria Bartiromo, Campbell may be shaping up as the next Amanda Congdon, the former Rocketboom host who now produces original Web video for ABC News.

For now, Campbell will continue to host Wallstrip under the CBS deal, while Wallstrip producers Adam Elend and Jeff Marks create new Web programs for the network. Like Congdon, Campbell brings a background in acting rather than journalism to the show. With a degree in English and dance from Stanford and an MFA in acting, Campbell’s credits have included appearances on “Law & Order” and “The Sopranos,” according to her own Web site. Her dancing skills have come in handy at least once on Wallstrip.

CBS has already shown that it’s willing to put a woman in the anchor chair. And if Katie Couric should continue to struggle in the evening news ratings, who knows how far Campbell could go?

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