Blame It on the Bossa Nova

Taking branded entertainment to an extreme, New York ad agency mcgarrybowen has created a 15-minute online documentary to promote Brahma beer. The Web film, Movimento Brasil, even has its own preview — a 60-second trailer now playing in movie theaters in the United States, Russia and Ukraine.

The conclusion of the trailer directs people to the Web site, where they can see the entire film. Only visitors to the site will ultimately realize that the documentary is part of a marketing campaign.

Directed by mcgarrybowen’s Katya Bankowsky, the documentary, which explores the theme of movement in Brazil’s art, sport and music, is also being shown at Brahma-sponsoredsampling events and parties, in hopes of appealing to the early twentysomething to 40-year-old trendsetters Brahma wants drinking its brew.

Movimento Brasil, made with production support provided by Sao Paolo’s O2 Filmes, avoids clichés like Carnivale and bikini-clad girls on the beach, instead highlighting the grace of everything from Brazil’s soccer to its samba to its capoeira. One segment, for instance, showcases a lively night game being played by the doormen and other staffers who work on Ipanema’s hotel row.

“It’s very different from typical beer advertising,” says Warren Eakins, executive creative director of mcgarrybowen. “It isn’t a hard sell. We want people to become interested in the Brazilian lifestyle and attitude.”

And ultimately, of course, the beer.

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