A Right-eous Site

QTubeTV, which bills itself as the conservative YouTube, shows a flair for the sensational worthy of the New York Post. Its home page gives top billing to Michelle Malkin’s “First They Came” video with the words “Banned on YouTube” in large red type. Never mind that the video by the conservative columnist is available on YouTube. And a search of “Michelle Malkin” on YouTube returns over 360 video results.

But the temporary removal of the video from YouTube provided one of the sparks for the launch of QubeTV. Its aim is to counter a perceived liberal bias on YouTube.

“The whole point of this is to let the conservative movement have its say,” says Jeff Lord, a former political aide in the Reagan White House, who co-founded QubeTV with Charlie Gerow, another ex-Reagan staffer.

Advertising on QubeTV is sparse so far, but Lord expects the site to draw a typical range of consumer marketers as traffic grows. Conservative-bashing postings are already testing QubeTV’s free speech credo.

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