Alloy: Out-Of-Home Ads Sent Via Mobile

Alloy Media and Marketing has a new ally--a partnership with BlueBlastMedia. It's combining out-of-home advertising in New York City nightlife venues with Bluetooth technology that allows consumers to download content to their mobile device, including movie trailers and ringtones. The new partnership is promoting two new movies from Paramount Pictures: "Hot Rod," starring Andy Samberg, and "The Heartbreak Kid," starring Ben Stiller.

The out-of-home element of the campaign includes restroom displays and backlit ads in nightclubs and bars around New York, which feature a call-to-action encouraging users to download the digital content. It can then be shared with friends via Bluetooth.

Derek White, an executive vice president at Alloy, says sharing messages with consumers "within a social environment and where they're comfortable is an impactful way to interact with audiences, and has proven to be effective in promoting further discussion of the advertised brand with friends."



Eventually, Alloy plans to extend the interactive technology to a network of 2,000 bars around the country. The company has already created thousands of these out-of-home digital interactive displays nationwide.

Recently, several studies have shown bars to be particularly effective advertising venues. In March, Arbitron released a study which found 50% of American adults over the age of 21 had visited a bar within the last month--about 105 million people. Moreover, 31%--or 65 million people--had been to a bar in the last week. According to Arbitron, they include a higher percentage of self-described "early adopters" than the population at large.

Some 27% of monthly bar-goers consider themselves "early adopters" versus 18% generally--while 26% say they frequently recommend new products to friends, compared to 19% overall. Another study from Arbitron, performed for place-based video network Ecast, found that bar-goers had a 43% recall for advertising delivered via Ecast. Arbitron's study canvassed bar patrons in New York, Seattle and Columbus, Ohio, in the summer of 2006.

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