Another Ten Million Go Online

Another Ten Million Go Online

Humphrey Taylor, chairman of The Harris Poll, summarized the Interactive Survey conducted in February and March of this year, concluding that the online population has grown at a modest rate over the last six months after a pause which coincided with the bursting of the bubble. The 66% of adults now online comprise 137 million, up from 127 million last fall. This includes more than half of all adults who access the Internet from home, almost a third who access it from work, and almost one in five adults who go online from a school, library, cyber cafe or other location.

The profile of Internet users still has a bias towards the more affluent, better educated consumers, but the profile by age is looking more like a cross section of all adults – up to, but not including, those over 65, who comprise 16% of all adults but only 5% of those online.

Taylor notes that one other interesting finding in this research is that there has been little change in the amount of time Internet users spend online. He says that a reasonable assumption is that as technology and Internet skills have improved, people can get more done now in the seven or eight hours they spend online than they could have a few years ago.

Some of the statistical tabulations include:

1. Online from home, work or other location (% of all adults)

 All Onlineat Homeat WorkOtherHrs/Week
February/ March 200266%55%30%19%8 hrs
September/ October 2001645228197
October/ November 2000634929177

2. Profile of online population (% of all adults February-March 2002)

 % Adults Online% All Adults% Point Difference
18 – 292822+6
30 – 392322+1
40 – 492320+3
50 – 642418+6
65 +516-11
High school or less3752-15
Some college3126+5
College graduate3222+10
$25,000 or less1825-7
$25,001 - $50,0002529-4
$50,001 and over4632+14
Source: THE HARRIS POLL #18, April 17, 2002

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