Too Little, Too Late?

Wireless operators may wind up on the sidelines when it comes to mobile TV, according to a new study. In-Stat says major carriers may get pushed aside by alternative technologies for delivering mobile video and TV services.

Among them are the free-to-air mobile video services that are being considered by TV broadcasters, and time- and place-shifting video devices offered by companies such as Sling Media and Orb. In-Stat also found carriers’ video offerings from within their walled gardens have mostly met with consumer indifference.

“Cellular operators may find that consumers won’t be as interested in their video offerings once other types of service are available,” says In-Stat analyst David Chamberlain. Mobile video services such as Verizon Wireless’ V Cast have added content from partners like MTV and CBS in hopes of upselling subscribers to mobile TV, but have met with little success so far.

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