Getting Warm At Home Depot

Roger Adams from The Home Depot is talking a lot about using emotional connections and conversations with target audiences like women, Hispanic and African-American markets. Inept Dads building treehouses for their kids. A lot of soft and fuzzy concepts involving painting and paint-mixing.

Empowerment is a big theme. Attendance at the Home Depot DIY workshops are triple this past year as the stores have been capitalizing on research showing that single women are buying homes in record numbers and want to feel empowered.

Gee, I don't know about you, but I'm not getting the level of service depicted in some of these ads he's showing. Last time I went to get some paint it was a long and winding experience. Where do I find the Home Depot in these ads?

Meanwhile, a new podcast series hosted by Ed Begley Jr. is talking about ways to be more enivronmentally responsible for a younger generation.

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