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Fox Almost Sold Out Of Super Bowl Time

  • Ad Age, Wednesday, October 31, 2007 10:15 AM
Fox has almost sold out ad time for the Super Bowl -- more than three months before kickoff, according to insiders, with ne media buyer estimating it has "less than 10, but more than five" 30-second spots left and another saying it has sold more than 90% of its ad time for the game.

Fox isn't talking but usually, the nets have a few, cheaper spots left as Game Day nears. But strong demand by car companies and movie studios is making the market this time around. '"Last year, you could have bought a sale in the 11th hour, and now it's just weird to even consider that if vice president,account director at Havas's MPG, who oversees sports negotiations.

The glut of autos and films could also mean less time for smaller advertisers, often known for producing the Super Bowl's most offbeat ads. And, given the heavy demand, the network may ask more than full price -- currently as much as $2.7 million -- for the remaining slots.



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