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Testing Second- and Third-Tier PPC Engines

  • PPC Blog , Wednesday, October 31, 2007 12 PM
It may seem like AdWords, YSM, or adCenter are the only options available for PPC campaigns, but so-called second- and third-tier engines like LookSmart, Marchex's Enhance Interactive and Kanoodle do exist, and some search marketers leverage them for additional traffic and results. Vertical PPC engines can also serve to drive highly targeted clicks that the bigger engines may miss.

But many of these engines have poorer (or nonexistent) traffic quality controls and minimal distribution -- creating more campaign management work than they're worth.

Gordon Choi offers advice for using these alternative engines as a supplemental paid search strategy -- including testing only the best performing keywords (from your first-tier engines), researching which engines would work best for a client's objective, and knowing when to just call it quits.

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