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Making 'About Us' Be More About Them

  • ISEdb, Monday, November 19, 2007 12:45 PM
If a user is prowling through the "About Us" page on a site, chances are that they're closer to a conversion than a typical browser -- as according to Stoney deGuyter, "they are showing a bit more than a casual interest ... and are looking for additional signs of trust."

So how does a site owner foster that trust and push them further along the purchase pathway? DeGuyter offers five tips for tweaking the "About Us" page so that it gives consumers the right kind of conversion-friendly info.

From company description, to team biographies and mission statements, the depth of info provides visitors with assurance that the business behind the site has long-term goals, people behind them, and a strategy for reaching them.

The content in the "About Us" page should also be fresh, from contact information to those all important bios, so that the site doesn't seem stale (or an afterthought). Lastly, the page should include links to other relevant portions of the site like "Careers" and "Investor Relations."



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