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Search Marketers And AdCenter: Ambivalent At Best

Piggybacking on a WebmasterWorld forum discussion, the SEO Roundtable team classifies the relationship that most search marketers have with Microsoft's adCenter as one of "love-hate."

AdCenter's interface is the source of much of the frustration, with forum members describing it as "very slow and buggy," and noting that it makes managing a campaign more difficult than Yahoo or Google's platforms.

But the love comes from the higher ROI Webmasters get from Live Search and adCenter -- since as one commenter says, they don't have the "low quality affiliates that clutter up Yahoo and Google's search network."

The discussion also focused on the necessity of multiple players in the search space (in spite of Google's dominance) to keep the market competitive. "[AdCenter]has some flaws, but it is developing and improving and generally in a way I like," said one forum member. "Also, an upcoming competitor to [Yahoo Search Marketing] and [Google] can only be good for everyone, since we could do with one or two more serious competitors to help keep costs down."



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