Without Snow Globe Innovations, Christmas Décor Will Be Flat

  • November 21, 2007
Sales of Christmas decorations are expected to come in flat this year at $9.3 billion, according to new research from Unity Marketing. And this time, the problem isn't the economy--it's a lack of novel decorations.

"Last season the must-have item was the outdoor balloon inflatables, which contributed to the 9.5% growth in sales of Christmas decorations," the report says. "This year, the stores have little to offer that will generate that kind of excitement and stimulate such strong sales."

One innovation-pre-lighted Christmas trees that "eliminates a major hassle in decorating"-are unlikely to take off. "With prices ranging $250 and above for the better offerings, this isn't the season when people are likely to 'trade up' to a more luxurious Christmas tree alternative."

--Sarah Mahoney



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