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Ad Time In Streamed Net Shows A Hot Property

  • TV Week, Tuesday, November 27, 2007 10:45 AM
Advertising time in TV shows that are also streamed online was a hot commodity in the upfront, but some nets seem to have underestimated just how many people would log on and watch. And when they had streamed the number of promised spots, they had to switch with promos while trying to find new online-only advertisers. The tight market makes it hard to buy time in top-rated shows, but spots in them are still available online.

For instance, during one episode of the sitcom "Samantha Who?" on, the pods were filled with promos for other ABC shows. Network promos were de rigeur on during "Life" and "30 Rock." One insider says ABC has reached its online guarantees and is now in the process of a new round of sales, while NBC says, "We beat our estimates and are continuing to monetize the incremental inventory for the rest of the quarter."

Some buyers were surprised the nets have new online ad inventory available: "They have proven to us that it's a hit, and it works and recall is there," says Tracey Scheppach, senior vice president and video innovations director at Starcom. "It's a good place for advertising." And as the TV market has tightened up, prices for online spots have also risen.



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