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Survey Offers Insights Into Electronic Shoppers

  • Ad Age, Thursday, November 29, 2007 12:15 PM

Almost one-third of shoppers bought electronics based on an offer or promotion--the most popular being rebates and sale prices--according to a new survey from Omnicom's Dallas-based Integer Group. Also, most of the buyers (75%) browsed on the Web before purchasing--going online an average of more than three times to do research before buying. It was "not uncommon" for the shoppers to make 10 or more Internet visits.

"When they actually get ready to buy, they do go to retail in part because they want that immediate gratification," says Kim Menier, Integer senior vice president-director of account planning. They also want to see and touch the product and beat shipping charges, she says. If retailers want to attract more women, Menier suggests they position themselves as "a place where people can find everyday values."

The majority--about two-thirds--of all the men and women made their purchases alone, but those who did ask friends and family for advice were eight times as likely to be happy with their purchases as the loners. And when buyers in the survey rated in-store displays as effective, their satisfaction went up by almost 300%.



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