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Gas Station Radio: Ad Opps For Small Biz

Small businesses that can't afford traditional radio time -- or musicians looking to break through -- now have the opportunity to get cheap airplay in some Connecticut communities, thanks to Rit Petit and AMP Media partners. He figured out how to turn a buck pairing up rockers and roofers with gas station owners.Petit's company produces the AMP Radio Network, broadcast at 61 gas stations throughout the Nutmeg State.

The genesis came several years ago when he was pumping gas and was thinking about a product to provide a diversion -- and take advantage of a captive audience. The gas station was playing Muzak, he says, which gave him the idea of the tunes with ads for local businesses. He was working in sales at an AM radio station and remembers "it was very frustrating to watch how small clients couldn't use radio," because of the cost and the inability to narrowly target. "Nobodyis going to drive 20 miles to visit your dry cleaning store, but they might go there if it's right around the corner from their gas station."

He notes the average consumer gets gas once a week and spends four to six minutes doing it --plenty of time to hear a 15-second ad or 2-minute song. Now, for $200, a station a month, a business gets one minute of advertising an hour. And with most stations open at least 18 hours a day, that means more than 2,100 ad spots at each location.



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