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Mahalo's Jason Calacanis On State Of Local Search

During Jason Calacanis' turn as an executive interviewee at this week's joint ILM:07 and SES Local conference, the Internet entrepreneur gave his take on Facebook (great tech, but it's overvalued), Mahalo (human power is the best way to compete with Google for search), former employer AOL (if they spin off from Time Warner, they could actually have the last laugh) and the state of the local search market.

Contrary to his take on core search needing more human intervention, Calacanis thought that automation was the way to go to make local search more viable for small business owners.

Meanwhile, Calacanis revised his previous "SEO is for losers" statement by noting that his experience had been "tainted by the raft of bad SEO guys" who used "bad tricks and dishonest approaches" to give site owners traffic they didn't necessarily deserve.



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