Display and Search: 1+1=3

Moderator Maura Lewis from Grey woke everyone up with a front-runner for Quote-of-The-Day.. "Gord, you ignorant slut."

Maura was playing off the famous line from the Belushi-Curtain SNL Weekend Update and referring to what she expected Mike Margolin to say to kick off his counterpoint to Gord's rip on big agencies getting search.

She then turned to the panel at hand and introduced the trend of search marketes turning to display ads to maximize their programs.

Dave Honig of Did-It noted that 70% of his client's campaigns see a lift of ~30% in queries due to display ads. They are dropping cookies on their display campaigns and measuring the resulting search activity. He also noted that 50% of Did-It clients are doing search re-targeting to close the loop.

Kelly Graziadei from Yahoo presented some stats that further show the impact of display on search and vice versa... -Nearly 50% of people were motivated to search after reading/viewing a magazine, tv, or newspaper ad. -Using search and display together drove 68% lift in page view, 66% in time spent, 89% in offline sales, 249% in online sales, and 90% in revenue.

Mike Jarvinen from The Search Agency talked about his firm is doing more and more display to drive brand queries (since those perform best.)

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