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Mosaic Cloaking: Trademarking A Black-Hat Web Tactic

Not all black-hat SEOs are focused just on instant gratification via a rankings boost or higher CTRs. Take Ralph Tegteimer and Ed Purkiss and the idea of Mosaic Cloaking, or the act of dynamically cloaking portions of a Web page based on the IP address of the inbound surfer, a search engine bot, or other visitor identifier.

This tactic would allow a Webmaster to rank higher for specific keywords, serve different kinds of ads and various other features without getting detected (and penalized).

Purkiss and Tegteimer are developing metrics to prove mosaic cloaking's effectiveness in terms of SEO, but in the meantime, they've trademarked the term -- cause they're in it for the long haul and don't want any other competitive Webmasters, black hats or even Google to start using their term without proper attribution.



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