Comparison Shop With a

Comparison Shop With a "Bot" or a Search

eMarketer reports that a recent report from BizRate finds that 77% of US online shoppers say that they use comparison shopping bots sometimes or most of the time when shopping online. One-half of respondents, however, say that most of the time they comparison shop by searching site-to-site. The study also found that 74% say they feel guilty if they do not conduct comparison shopping. Additionally, 52% think that comparison shopping is the way to get the best deal.

Online Shoppers Using a Comparison Shopping Bot vs. Searching, Feb 2002, (% of Respondents)

When shopping online: Use Comparison BotSearch site-to-site
Most of the time 3450
Some of the time 4333
Never15 3
Source: March, 2002

And, the eMarketer's eCommerce: B2C & Demographics Report showed survey information from Knowledge Systems & Research which found that in May 2001, almost half of US online buyers said they were conducting more comparison shopping than they had six months prior to the survey.

Amount of Comparison Shopping among US Online Buyers, 2001 (as % of online buyers in six month period)
More now than 6 months ago - 48%
Less - 7%
Same - 45%
Source: Knowledge Systems & Research, Inc

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