The Winter of Their Dissed Content

Writer writes. striking writers have produced blogs and online videos focusing on — what else — the strike itself. The picket line may have been as much as these writers had been outdoors in awhile, and it made an impression on them. “We’re all completely consumed by this strike,” said Speed Weed, a WGA member. Brian Terkelsen, executive vice president, connectivetissue, MediaVest, looks on the bright side: “I imagine a bunch of otherwise unlikely connections are being made, and like Santa Ana winds fuel wildfires writers walking picket lines and attending these huge rallies are likely forging really cool partnerships. Nothing they write will see light of day (on TV that is) until after strike is completed. But if ideas can be coalesced and packaged for presentation to industry decision makers (most likely happening even as the strike is occurring), it would only take six months before networks could potentially air the outcome.” 

“Studio heads try to produce 24 without writers”

This video has all the tension of 24 but, of course, there’s no dialogue and nothing happens. Bauer looks stoic, stares, there are jump cuts, split screens and digital type. Its creator, Mike Rowe, has written for about a dozen shows, including new, upcoming episodes of Futurama. (watch)

“Videologblog: Writers Strike (Colbert Report writers)”

You can tell it really is by Colbert staffers. It’s just the kind of thing you hear with Stephen Colbert. But it’s coming from some other guy. (watch)

“Everybody Hates Studio Moguls”

The show runner from Everybody HatesChris speaks from the picket line — along with Todd Bridges from Diff’rent Strokes. The message: Pay the writers for DVDs, or their kids could end up like Todd Bridges.

Late Show Writers On Strike

A lengthy blog with video interviews and free-floating material. For example, Joe Grossman quoting how the foreign press described him: “We spoke with Late Show writer Joe Grossman, who has the dainty shoulders of an adolescent milkmaid.” (watch)

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