K-C Launches Largest Non-Trad Effort For Cottonelle

Kimberly-Clark is promoting its Cottonelle brand of bathroom tissue with what the company is calling its largest non-traditional effort to date.

This month the Dallas-based company, which also markets Kleenex, Scott, Huggies, Pull-Ups, Kotex and Depend, is launching the "Be Kind to Your Behind" integrated campaign with grassroots programs, redesigned Web site, TV, print, Internet and outdoor advertising, package redesign and various PR and promotional efforts.

Television ads, via J. Walter Thompson, N.Y., launch in the U.S. and Canada this week. The ads--and all creative for the campaign--feature the brand icon and the Cottonelle puppy, a white lab that has embodied the brand for the past few years.

In the spot, a real white lab puppy wanders around a playground commenting via voiceover on how different kids and grownups are distressing their bottoms on see-saws, slides, skateboards, hot car hoods and the like. Finally, he leaps into the lap of a woman who is reclining on a bean bag chair. "The world can be tough on bottoms," says the voiceover. "But you can do one kind thing for yours."



In March, the company will launch a road show called "Cottonelle Comfort Haven." The puppy-themed bus will visit metro areas in the U.S. The bus offers massages, yoga, a place to relax, product samples and a sweepstakes promotion.

Outdoor ads in high-traffic pedestrian areas and in rail and bus stations will promote the tour.

Mark Worden, brand manager for Cottonelle, says that the effort centers on the idea of Cottonelle as a kind of salve for callipygian sufferance. "Life can be tough on bottoms, and it's tough in many unintentional ways. People commuting to work, sitting for hours at a desk for instance," he says. "We came up with idea that Cottonelle can be one kind thing for consumers' behinds."

He adds that the tour, which stops in commuter loci, is intended to capture consumers where their buns are likely to be under duress. "We realized the best way to bring the brand promise to consumers is to be at the places where it's most relevant to them."

Worden says the new 30-second spot, launching this week, will be followed by 15-second spots in the first quarter. In March, Cottonelle will also launch "The Cottonelle Ultimate Comfort Escape" sweepstakes at Cottonelle.com.

"Our target is that attitudinally premium-focused individual, primarily women, but 25 and older. These are consumers who really value higher-quality, super-premium products."

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