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The AdWords Quality Score: Opaque And Frustrating At Best

It's no secret that Google is continually doing back-end upgrades to its myriad ad products, but the AdWords Quality Score is one feature that many advertisers wish the giant would just leave alone. Last year Google started using the quality of an ad's landing page to help determine its Quality Score--and according to OneUpWeb's Adam, the rules are still too opaque for advertisers to follow.

For example, there are Webmasters that are blatantly using their landing pages for click arbitrage, and Adam posts two such examples. These landing pages host nothing but sponsored links (likely from AdSense or the Yahoo Publisher Network) and force users to either hit the "back" button, dive deeper to find real "quality" content, or click on a sponsored ad--and possibly be directed to a similar, spammy page.

All in all, it's a poor quality experience--exactly the kind of experience that the Quality Score is supposed to prevent users from having.



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