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Dissecting 'Generation Google'

Some sociologists are dubbing kids born after 1993 "Generation Google"--since they've practically been exposed to the Web from birth, they're supposed to excel at seeking out information online. But according to a study by the British Library and the Joint Information Systems Committee, they're actually not much better at searching than their older (Millennials, Gen-Y, Gen-X, etc.) counterparts.

The study found that while Generation Google is "the cut and paste generation" that is "more competent with technology," and is "turning away from being passive consumers of information"-its members are not "expert searchers."

They do not "pick up their computer skills by trial and error" (they read the manual like everyone else), nor do they "find their peers more credible as information sources than authority figures." In fact, the research showed that kids in a secondary school setting valued info from their teachers, textbooks and relatives more than info from the Internet.



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