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Twingly: The Eurocentric Blog Search Engine

Twingly is a soon-to-be-launched Eurocentric blog search engine, and while Michael Arrington notes just how hard it may be to break into the U.S. blog search market, the new service has some features that may help separate it from the pack.

While Google has stepped up its blog indexing service, often visiting the same blog multiple times as new content gets produced, the engine casts such a wide net that the quality of the results varies greatly. The same goes for Technocrati, which is by far the most popular blog search engine in terms of unique visitors, according to comScore.

But Twingly aims to be more selective, and deliver high quality, non-spam blog content as a result. The Sweden-based company will do this by indexing a small set of known, legitimate blogs and then following the links they post to other blogs. While it may take a bit longer for such an exclusive network to grow, the idea is that good blogs will not link out to spam blogs--so the results will be more relevant and valuable, thus enticing searchers to keep coming back.

The company raised 1 million euros in a July 2007 round of financing from Servisen, and is reportedly in talks with European news publishers for content-sharing partnerships.



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