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Matt Cutts Dishes Out Some (Possibly) PageRank-Boosting Advice

So your site was one of the PageRank casualties resulting from Google's recent paid links smack down--and now you want your traffic back. You agreed to play by the giant's rules and got rid of all paid links (possibly severely reducing your alternative cash flow) in the hopes of getting re-included in the main index, and filed a reconsideration request. That was more than a month ago--and no change. What gives?

According to Matt Cutts, you might want to make sure that you've found every paid link or post and "no-followed" it, as well as removed any language alluding to "paid links" or offering traffic in exchange for payment. The reconsideration team will comb through your site searching for every instance of paid post or links passing PageRank, so it's best to do a thorough review before you submit your request.

While the debate over whether Google is "bullying" site owners into accepting just one form of monetization (AdWords or AdSense) continues, DazzlinDonna's very public exchange with Matt Cutts shows that the giant's Web spam team is definitely paying attention to the issue.



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