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Google At The Ad Club

CNET's Caroline McCarthy lent an ear to the latest New York Advertising Club meeting at Google's offices in Chelsea, during which company execs discussed the Web giant's broad and expanding advertising strategy. Google is venturing into print, TV and radio with the aim of bringing the measurability of the Internet to the offline world. Monday's discussion focused mostly on search king's traditional media initiatives, although the Google team also touched on emerging platforms like Web video, mobile advertising and social media.

Google's immediate video strategy is less about revolutionizing the industry with new ad forms and more about providing the right environment-i.e. the right consumers-for advertisers. "(Being) able to dive into that community where people are so responsive to seeing their video messages," would be a gold mine, said Sarah Carberry, Google's consumer packaged-goods team manager.

Tim Castelli, Google's New York ad ales director, said that social media would be the "next big thing in advertising." He added that MySpace and Facebook, which have struggled with monetization, would prosper, and implied that Google might delve into social advertising. Less was said about mobile advertising, which is still a "hush-hush" area for Google because its forthcoming operating software, Android, is still short on details.



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