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Purging Dead Keywords From Your Campaigns

Effective PPC management isn't just about getting campaigns up and running, it's about sustaining their success for the long haul. And for Chad Frederiksen, getting rid of dead keywords (or keywords with that fail to garner any clicks) is all part of routine campaign maintenance.

With keywords and ad groups that number in the thousands, it can be easy to forget about some of the longer-tail phrases that aren't performing at all. But Frederiksen notes that having an abundance of 0% CTR keywords in your account can actually cause the platform to lower Quality Scores across multiple campaigns.

He recommends searching for these hidden quality-killers every three months or so, and purging any keywords that haven't garnered a single click. It may be hard to let go of some long-tail terms (for fear of losing those few perfectly matched searches), but eliminating them will likely lower your bids and bump up your Ads Quality scores--and even create space for you to test out different terms.



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