OgilvyOne's Mullen Heads To Zinio

Jeanniey Mullen is leaving OgilvyOne's email practice to join Zinio Systems and its sister company, VIV magazine. As global executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Zinio-VIV, Mullen will direct the creation of ambitious new features that link digital magazine editions--still largely an email medium--to mobile applications, social networks and other services that allow users to share information with their peers via the Web.

Zinio, founded in 2000, specializes in creating digital editions of popular consumer magazines which are then delivered to online subscribers via email. Users don't need to subscribe to a magazine's print edition to receive it via email. Most of the partners sell digital-only subscriptions, ranging from $6-$20.

On signing up, they download Zinio's digital reader, which allows them to interact with magazine articles and advertising online, or read it offline without these features. Breaking news alerts and newsstand availability are also delivered via email.



Mullen said: "While email works well as a stand-alone channel, it's even better when it's integrated with other functions, like RSS, mobile notification and social applications."

In her new post, Mullen foresees developing new features that allow readers to "rip out" digital "pages" and share them with friends via email and Web-based services. In a related area, she also believes there are integration opportunities with social networks like digg, Facebook, and MySpace.

Some of Zinio's bigger magazine partners include Men's Health, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Car and Driver, U.S. News & World Report and BusinessWeek. In 2007, Zinio was acquired by Gilvest LP, which also owns VIV Magazine, an online-only lifestyle magazine targeting women with health, beauty, and travel content. The magazine is made available to readers through the Zinio service.

Mullen, who founded the Email Experience Council, will retain her leadership role there.

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