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Netflix And Best Buy Back Blu-Ray DVDs

  • BBC, Tuesday, February 12, 2008 11:30 AM

Best Buy--the largest consumer electronics chain in the U.S.--says it will recommend that its customers choose Sony's Blu-ray format when shopping for a high-definition DVD system, and online video rental company Netflix says it will phase out its HD DVD stock and exclusively offer Blu-ray.

Best Buy president and CEO Brian Dunn says that the company has always believed that customers would benefit from a single format and feels that Blu-ray "is fast emerging as that single format." Its stores will still carry HD DVD but Blu-ray will be displayed more prominently.

Netflix has stocked both Blu-ray and HD DVD disks since the formats came on the market in early 2006 but says it was prompted to reconsider this after a majority of the major Hollywood studios came out in favor of Blu-ray. The company also says the reality is that not many customers are ordering HD DVDs.



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