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Sidestepping The Competition With Keyword Differentiators

"As more and more companies turn to organic search to gain a competitive advantage, it can be increasingly difficult to achieve high rankings for the generic terms that everyone in your industry is pursuing," says Scott Buresh, CEO Blue Medium. So separate yourself from the pack with keyword differentiators that turn generic terms into highly targeted traffic sources.

For example, instead of aiming for "e-mail marketing" try optimizing for "business to business e-mail marketing" or "Web based e-mail marketing"--two phrases that narrow the focus and will likely draw in more qualified traffic.

"Suddenly the two objectives have been achieved," Buresh says. "The provider knows that a much higher percentage of visitors that are typing these terms are actually looking for the right kind of company and the competitiveness of the phrases has also been reduced, leading to faster and higher rankings."



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