Belly Bombs

Teletubbies have always creeped me out. I cringe when I see my two-year-old daughter in a trance watching the little critters walking around with TVs on their bloated stomachs. Apparently someone has adopted this as a marketing concept.

Yet, the Teletubbies concept seems to be working via a new street marketing campaign devised by the producers of a musical playing in Chicago called Altar Boyz, who are paying people to walk around the streets of Chicago promoting the musical via a screen called a VidPac. “It’s basically a personal DVD player strapped to their stomachs and backs,” explained Altar Boyz producer Joe McGinnis. “We took the contraption to a tailor to come up with the straps. Leather seems to work best.”

Altar Boyz has seen increased ticket sales since the VidPac hit the streets in January. Interested onlookers can watch the highlight reel and walk away with a coupon for tickets and a DVD. “Onlookers treat the people like mannequins and stop them so they can watch the video,” says McGinnis, who adds, “It’s getting a little dangerous on the escalators though.” We might suggest sending the VidPackers to crowded bars, or maybe having them wait in line for the men’s room at a Bull’s game. There’s nowhere else to look, that’s why. 

Tricia Despres

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