Get In Line

Nausea-inducing roller coasters, sugary funnel cakes, Vegas-caliber flashing lights... as if Six Flags didn't already have enough to over-stimulate the add generation, the amusement park chain is now gearing up to catch guests' attention in the one place they have left - the queue. The theme parks will launch Six Flags Television, an in-park, interactive network presented to guests (via giant 45" to 50" plasma TVs) as they wait in line for rides.

"We are looking at Six Flags Television like a television network, with all the parks as affiliates," says Lou Koskovolis, executive vice president of corporate alliances and sponsorships. The multi-million dollar operation will feature original programming (thanks to Six Flags' recent investment in Dick Clark Productions), local and national advertisements, and park event information. And, in an impressive undertaking, content is not only geared to specific parks, but specific park sections: While families waiting for the Wiggles watch their screens, different shows (and, inevitably, different ads) will be broadcast to the much-different demo waiting in line for the soon-to-be-unveiled Dark Knight and Evel Knievel rides.

Blurbs on Six Flags TV will encourage viewers to participate in ongoing interactive text-and-win promotions and cell downloads. Not only will the cell phone tie-in keep your 13 year old entertained for 10 extra seconds, it'll give the park more detailed demographic information.

So, if you thought you could avoid TV screens or text messaging at the park, sorry. Looks like you'll have to get over it - or get out of line.

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