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Testing Video Search Integration Among The Big Four

Eric Enge follows up a previous post that tested the image-integration efforts of Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask for core search queries with this test for video results. Using 10 terms, including phrases with identifiers like "tom brady video" and without, like "nosferatu," Enge ultimately finds that there's lots of room for improvement, as "none of the engines have this perfectly scoped out just yet."

Not surprisingly, clips from YouTube made up 20% of the searches--a nod to the wealth of video content that the Google property has amassed. But Microsoft and Ask didn't cull their videos from the user-generated giant, instead snagging results from their own video search engine and aggregators like Blinkx, respectively.

Both Google and Yahoo seemed to be of the same mind when it comes to the integration of video into the results, as an actual video replaced one or more of the first 10 links on the SERP. In contrast, Microsoft and Ask place the videos above the organic results (particularly when the "video" modifier is part of the query)--perhaps assuming that this is the most relevant way to display the info when users blatantly ask for it.



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