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SEMPO's Advanced SEO Specialist Course: A Review

  • Top Rank , Thursday, February 28, 2008 5:30 PM
The SEMPO Institute offers an online training program for search newbies and pros with a bit more experience, and Dana Larson reviews the trade organization's Advanced SEO Course.

The course goes beyond the basics of SEO with lessons on keyword research, Web site construction and auditing, link building tactics and copywriting, as well as analytics. Advanced SEO is comprised of five chapters with three lessons in each, and students need to pass a 20-question test at the end of each lesson to move on. "The difficulty levels of the questions vary to make sure the reader pays attention to even the smallest detail in order to pass the test," Larson says.

The questions range from quick hits like true/false and multiple choice, to situational queries that state a problem and ask for the best way to solve it. Larson says that the course also touches on using social media in SEO.

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