Brand Engagement through social media is smart

I was truly conflicted when deciding which track to take because in the room next to me is Email in 2008: One of Your Strongest Media Vehicles. Considering the lovely feedback I've gotten with my info emails regarding this event, this screams at me. But what's screaming louder is anything and everything social media. This is my thing. Here's a few things that tickled my toenails: "A lot of companies are starting to flock to these new things... but they are not going to work for everybody" hoots Chas Salmore, Founder and CEO, Marketing Works, very honestly.

"Alot of people tune out what you as a company have to say -- but increasingly they're tuning into each other -- " HELLO user generated content. McKinsey numbers

50% of consumers in consumer electronics made buying dec. based on their own research, not what a sales person says to them.

by 2010 80% of all insurance policies will be bought based on info that does NOT come from the provider.

1/3 of people under 30 check with their social networks before making a purchase. This makes sense. This is your friends and your family - just online.

We've all always had social networks, just more fleshy, less digi.

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