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Still More Search Trends For '08

The first quarter of '08 is almost out the door, but there's still time for postulation about where the search industry is headed this year. Manoj Jasra sat down with Jeffrey Pruitt, executive vice president of corporate partnerships at iCrossing, to get his take on the "search marketing trends and paradigm shifts" yet to come.

First up is the convergence of search and display--which will cause a real shift in the way search firms operate. "The fastest growing inventory on the Web is non-premium display, which is driving the convergence between search and display," Pruitt said. "This is why you see Yahoo and the other engines bring search and display under one operational organization."

He added that if search firms don't stop lumping models like contextual, display and video ads into the "search campaign add-ons" pile rather than using them as effective tools in their own right, performance will suffer--and clients will turn elsewhere.



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