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Thinking Politically To Shape Your Paid Search Campaigns

Abe Mezrich invites you to take a page from the strategies of political candidates when it comes to crafting a paid search campaign. It helps to think of your target audience as your constituents--and understand that they are people who want to help you, learn about you, and are ... well, people, plain and simple.

In terms of helping you, your constituents are the ones who want to donate or volunteer to help your cause, so they'll most likely be searching for you by name. With paid search, this means buying your own brand name and all its glorious variations, as well as crafting unique search creative and landing pages that speak to their differing intentions.

Other voters want to learn more about a particular candidate and where they stand on various issues--and the same goes for your customers. Run some PPC campaigns that are tied to the issues (or value propositions and product info) that they're interested in, whether it's healthcare and education, or low prices and a strong warranty.



Bottom line: "You're not in the market for search clicks. You're not even in the market for votes," says Mezrich. "You're in the market for relationships with millions of unique people, each of whom is vital to your election, and your search campaign should relate to those individuals in the way that best suits them." That means thinking about the geographic location they might be searching from, their economic situation and even nuances like what appropriate images and ad copy they might like to see on your landing pages,

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