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Making Search Results Palatable For Enterprise Clients

Marketers use search because it's quantifiable, so the presentation of campaign results--be they in the form of analytics data, leads generated or actual sales--is key to client perception of the medium's ROI. Paul Jahn notes that the process of presenting search results to large (Fortune 500) companies is very different than presentations to smaller clients. He offers some insight into how to deliver a results demo that's both effective and palatable.

Think both quantitative and qualitative when it comes to presentation format--so use Excel for the numbers, but also include a Word document or slideshow deck to flesh out the granular data. "The nice part is the ability to take a complex spreadsheet and create very easy-to-read charts with trend lines from them," Jahn says. "Including charts like these within a Word document can provide the trusted information that large company decision-makers seek."

Also keep in mind that you may be presenting to multiple levels of management, with varying degrees of awareness of the intricacies of search. So you may need to develop separate presentations and prep for more than one meeting.



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