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Gigablast: We're Better Than Google (And Ask, Too!)

In a clearly self-promotional search "taste-test," Albuquerque, N.M.-based Gigablast found that 55% of users found the alternative search engine's results as good as or better than a Google search. So why did Loren Baker feel the need to give the survey results a write-up? It's about the quality of the results and their status as a true alternative core search contender. "I've been a longtime fan of Gigablast, and have always considered their algorithm as one of the majors that I track client rankings on," Baker says. "I'm excited to see more coming out of Gigablast."

More than 220 searchers participated in the survey, which compared Google and Gigablast's search results side by side, with no identifying logos or brand names. There were about 50 sample search queries (pulled from Google Zeitgeist's top queries of 2007) and the majority of participants were from North America.

Gigablast also compared itself to Ask in a separate study, which found that 44% of users preferred Gigablast's results to Ask, while two-thirds (including tie votes) of participants said that the alt engine's results were better than or as good as's.



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