Bazaarvoice's ReStyle Lets Marketers Customize User-Generated Content

  • March 25, 2008
Bazaarvoice has launched ReStyle, a content styling tool that allows marketers to customize the look and feel of the ratings, reviews and Q&A sections of their Web sites.

Designed to work with the company's Ratings & Reviews and Ask & Answer products, ReStyle makes it easy to link a site's social media content to various promotions--including seasonal promos, such as letting reviewers add hearts to their comments on Valentine's Day--as well as ongoing ad campaigns or even for a site redesign.

According to Sam Decker, CMO of Austin, Texas-based Bazaarvoice, ReStyle adds both flexibility and control when it comes to the display of user-generated content--features that are "critical to brands that want to create a specific look and feel for the content on their sites and streamline all marketing campaigns around a central theme." Bazaarvoice ReStyle is available to all of the company's clients free of charge.

--Tameka Kee



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