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Microhoo: Could Be An SEO's Dream...

That is, if Microsoft and Yahoo take a good, hard look at their respective paid search marketing platforms. In fact, David Rodnitsky says that a future Microhoo's best bet for becoming a search pro's dream would be to scrap both companies' ad management platforms altogether--starting from scratch to create a more formidable AdWords challenger.

Rodnitsky pulls no punches, admitting that search marketers will increase their overall spend with Microhoo if/when the acquisition gets approved--but only if the new ad management platform is better than the sum of its parts. "Let's be really clear and a little bit crass about both YSM and AdCenter: both suck," Rodnitsky says. "AdWords is at least 10 times easier, more powerful, and faster than either YSM or adCenter."

So while both of the giant's engineering teams may have a vested interest in their own platform, Rodnitsky argues that neither YSM or adCenter is user-friendly in its own right. "I can't tell you how many SEMers I talk to who wish they could spend more money on your platforms, but either don't understand how to use your systems, or have gotten so frustrated that they've just given up," he says.



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