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KidZui: Making Search (And the Web) Safe For Kids

KidZui is the latest Web application (actually, it's a browser) designed to offer kids a safe subsection of the Internet where they can roam freely. According to Walt Mossberg, San Diego-based KidZui has aggregated more than 500,000 kid-friendly sites, photos and videos, and ranked them appropriately by age using a team of about 200 parents and teachers.

When it comes to search, KidZui lets youngsters start with a specific keyword, and the platform "offers a list of related terms as well, to guide further exploration," Mossberg says.

There's no access to the main Google or Yahoo search pages, and if a child searches for a term or Web address that hasn't been approved, a message pops up telling them they'll need to get their parent's permission to access that content. The filter applies both to searches within KidZui, as well as on third-party sites like Wikipedia. And if a search or Web address is new to the browser, kids get a message promising that it will be reviewed for future inclusion.



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