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Growing Your Own Inbound Links With Microsites

Seems like the perfect solution to the inbound links problem, doesn't it? After all, microsites will be relevant and somewhat authoritative, and there won't be any worries about link-buying penalties. Not so fast, says Jody Nimetz. "The best thing to keep in mind when building your external link inventory is to do it in a natural manner. This means not trying to artificially inflate your link inventory."

The overall quality of your inbound links--no matter where they're from--is more important than the quantity. A glut of irrelevant, spammy or otherwise low quality links will actually do more harm than good. So if you're thinking of going the microsite route, be sure to start with a solid strategy.

Ask yourself how the sites will benefit your target audience, how many there will be, and most importantly--whether you're just building them to obtain links. "Don't just build sites for the purpose of linking," Nimetz says. "Ensure that the sites provide value to the user."



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