Scarborough Weighs Expansion Into Mid-Tier Markets

Scarborough Research is canvassing marketers and other clients to assess demand for expanding its research operation into more "mid-tier" markets, according to the Gregg Lindner, executive vice president of research and operations. Lindner said Scarborough is considering the expansion because of the positive response to the work it has been doing in 15 such mid-tier markets over the last two years. In previous years the company's core business focused on research in 81 large markets.

The proposed expansion would help the company keep pace with growing interest in localism, Lindner said--as marketers demand more detailed data about local media in mid-tier markets, including TV, radio, online, and out-of-home opportunities, as well as consumer behavior. Lindner said Scarborough studies take into account a variety of consumer behaviors--including, for example, "what roads people are using" to get to work, recreation, and shopping--a natural area of interest for large retailers with local presence.

Steve Seraita, executive vice president of sales for Scarborough Research, added: "We have a team of experts exploring the viability of this service and I am confident that with market support, we can bring a product to more local geographies." According to Lindner, the company will assess interest in particular local markets through meetings between its sales staff and clients all over the country.



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