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Reviewing The New SEMCompare, Which Reviews Search Firms

Kalena Jordan has some reservations about SEMCompare, a ratings and review site for SEM firms launched by Search Marketing Standard. "The problem with the concept of rating SEM firms is that there are no published search industry standards that SEM agencies are required to meet and no formal accreditation body imposing such standards," Jordan says.

She adds that the magazine is "by default claiming a standards yardstick by which all SEM firms should be measured--dangerous territory indeed!"

Jordan also argues that unscrupulous competitors could rate and review each other's sites arbitrarily, while unsatisfied customers could go on a review rampage.

However -- the latter issue is a problem that many search marketing clients themselves face when their Web site or business is reviewed on sites like Yelp. Just because someone can game the system or leave a nasty review doesn't mean that there shouldn't be a public forum. In the age of Web 2.0, providing clients with a place to voice their opinion of their search firm (whether positive or negative) seems like a no-brainer.



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