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Tweaking PPC Ads For An End-of-Month Performance Boost

So it's the last week (or day!) of the month and you need more traffic and conversions to finish off on a high note--but your budget is low. Amber Benedict has a five-spot of PPC campaign tips you can use to boost your end-of-month performance, without going over your spending cap.

Get down to keyword-level bidding, Benedict says--meaning seek out your best-performing keyword and raise the bid on it. You'll increase your ad position for that specific keyword without incurring the costs of upping the bids on all the other terms in its ad group.

If there's an ad text that's outperforming all of the others, make it prominent. Pause the underperformers--at least until the beginning of next month. Benedict says that this "may help increase conversions since all traffic will be filtered through that one best performing ad text."

You can also shift ad spending among engines, toward the one that's delivering the best performance, and try sprinkling urgent text into your ad copy (i.e. "Last Chance for Free Shipping").



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