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Quintura's New Site Search Widget

Quintura has released a new site search widget. The free tool allows Webmasters to have their site indexed and crawled by the semantic search engine, and visitors can then search for info via its tag-cloud-style interface.

The widget loads and users are presented with a cloud of search terms and phrases that are prevalent on a site--so a crime drama lover's blog might feature terms like "CSI" and "Law & Order," while a financial aid Web site would have a tag cloud with words like "FAFSA" and "Pell grant." Once users point their mouse at one of the terms, the cloud shifts and brings up more refined keywords. The actual results are presented below the tag cloud as a list of three clickable headlines.

While the widget doesn't offer the depth of the full Quintura site, it is customizable and offers site search functionality for Webmasters who don't have or can't afford a more extensive site search package.



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